6 FOOT 4"


When this tall German girl is not playing basketball, she loves to get fucked. She is towering over him and he needs to get on his tippy toes to fuck her from behind!

6 FOOT 7"


Celine is a true giant.. 6 foot 7 inches, curvy and horny! No trickery.. Check out this giant ride a cock.. Truely something to see!!

6 FOOT 4"


Most men fear this amazon woman.. She can crush those she rides but those who can handle her are generously rewarded... Oh, and she has massive tits!!

6 FOOT 4"


Now, those images have not been doctored.. This is one tall giant woman, a true freak of nature with humongous tits!! Imagine her sucking your cock, or even better riding you! :)

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